The so-called WHOIS details of every registered domain name include information about the registrar company, the registration and expiration dates, as well as the names, contact number, postal address and email address of the owner, the admin and the tech/billing person. WHOIS is a specific protocol that enables you to get this info either through a command line or by using one of the many sites which provide WHOIS lookup services. All info must be up-to-date as per the rules of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. If some of the information is not accurate, the domain address might be reported and the result might be its deletion or losing its ownership. A number of country-specific domain name extensions have specific limitations regarding the modification of their WHOIS details, but in the standard scenario any detail can be modified freely and at any time. Such an adjustment will show up on lookup sites within twenty four hours.

Full WHOIS Management in Hosting

If you have a hosting plan from our company and you register or transfer a domain, you are going to have total control over its WHOIS details. Through the Domain Manager tool in our custom Hepsia hosting CP, you'll be able to see and edit every single detail associated with your domain names and even change the info of multiple Internet domains at once with simply several mouse clicks. Our tool is rather simple to use and you will save time and efforts any time you manage the WHOIS information of your Internet domains. Any updates that you make will take effect very quickly. However, this is valid for the details which can be changed since some country-code TLDs have specific restrictions in this matter, such as not being able to modify the owner names once a domain is already registered. We will be able to assist you 24/7 if this kind of situation appears for any of your domain names.

Full WHOIS Management in Semi-dedicated Servers

Managing the WHOIS info of each domain that you register or transfer to our company shall be very simple provided you have a semi-dedicated server. Both the domains and also the hosting space for them are managed together using our Hepsia Control Panel, so you'll not have to move between different systems. You can view the current info for any domain name with one mouse click and editing something will take just two more clicks. With Hepsia you can even select a number of Internet domain names and change their WHOIS information simultaneously, so if you have many domain names, you'll not have to click and type endlessly - the update for 25 domains takes as little time and energy as the update of just one. In case you have a domain name whose details can't be updated automatically but the TLD supports such a change, we will help you with the task until the updated info appears on public WHOIS lookup sites.