An AAAA record is an Internet protocol address in the recently introduced IPv6 format and it consists of 8 groups of hexadecimal digits, in contrast to the IPv4 IPs, which feature four groups of digits between 1 and 255. A good example of an IPv6 address would be 3014:0d43:23a3:2354:1320:8f3b:2635:3254 and with this format the amount of IPs that may be created is many times greater than the number of the IPv4 addresses. Each and every domain name has its website hosting server Internet protocol as a record and in essence, this record informs the domain where the site for it is. Depending on the system which the service provider employs, the record is going to be called A (IPv4) or AAAA (IPv6). Changing this record permits you to host your site with one company and your email messages with a different one, so if you choose to use this sort of redirection to forward a domain to a server that uses an IPv6 address, you will need to set up an AAAA record for it.

AAAA Records in Hosting

If you use a service through a third-party service provider and you've got to set up an AAAA record to forward a domain name or a subdomain to their system, you'll be able to do that with only a few clicks within the Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with our hosting plans. After you log in, you will need to navigate to the DNS Records section where you will find all the records for any domain name or subdomain hosted in the account. Setting up a new record is as simple as clicking on a button, selecting the type from a drop-down menu, that will be AAAA in this case, and then inputting the value, or the actual IPv6 address, inside a text box. As an extra option you could edit the TTL value (Time To Live), which determines how long the record will be functioning after you edit it or erase it in the future. The new AAAA record will be operating in just an hour and will propagate around the world an hour or two later, so the hostname for which you have created it will start redirecting to the new hosting server.

AAAA Records in Semi-dedicated Servers

Setting up a new AAAA record is incredibly easy with our user-friendly Hepsia hosting Control Panel, so if you host a domain name within a semi-dedicated server account from our company and you need such a record either for it or for a subdomain that you have created under it, you'll be able to create it in a few rather simple steps and without any hassle. Hepsia features a section devoted to the DNS records of your domains where you can find all current records or create new ones with several clicks. All it takes to accomplish this is to select the domain/subdomain that you'd like to modify, choose AAAA for the type from a drop-down menu and type the actual record i.e. the IPv6 address which the other provider has given you. Within an hour after you save the modification, the new record is going to propagate worldwide and your domain name will start directing to the third-party server. If they need it, you may also change the TTL value, which shows the time this record is going to be active with its present value before a new one takes over if you make any modifications in the future.